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The calcium based toothpaste offered by us are actually white toothpaste that are fluoride or non-fluoride. Available in peppermint, spearmint and cinnamon flavor, these toothpastes are calcium based to provide extra calcium to the teeth.
Available with us is silica based toothpastes that is specially formulated for giving smoothing effect to the teeth. Perfect for dazzling smile, the white silica based toothpaste is offered in regular flavor and fresh mint flavor.
Our gel toothpastes contains extra mouthwash for giving extra freshness along with pleasant smell to make the breathe fresher. Offered in fluoride or non-fluoride formulations, these gel toothpastes come in red, blue, green, lemon yellow and orange colors.
We have specially formulated gel toothpastes for kids that are extremely safe even when they swallow the paste. The toothpastes fight against germs and are available in bubblegum, strawberry, raspberry, banana, pineapple and orange flavor.
Offering silica based white toothpaste which is specialized for controlling tartar. The toothpaste comes with fluoride and without fluoride and it is extremely helpful cavity protection along with refreshing breath.
Perfect for dazzling smile, our whitening toothpaste is silica based and is backed with backing soda. This toothpaste is perfect for those who care about healthy teeth and fresh breath throughout the day along with cavity protection.
We are engaged in offering supreme quality natural paste. The natural paste is created by using completely natural ingredients that make them absolutely safe to use and free from side effects.
The herbal toothpaste offered by us prevents tooth decay, fights against germs and cures bleeding gums. These are precisely made with completely natural substances such as Neem, Tulsi, Tea tree oil, Thymol and Eucalyptus oil.
Normal white calcium based toothpaste
SAMAY White Toothpaste
DELUXE White Toothpaste
OLA FRESH White Toothpaste
Normal white silica based toothpaste
Sentinel Toothpaste
Gel toothpaste for extra mouthwash for extra freshness
SAMAY Red Gel & Blue Gel Toothpaste
SUPERDENT Red Gel Toothpaste
TRES + PLUS Green Gel Toothpaste
Gel toothpaste for kid’s
DIGI DENT Bubble Gum
DIGI DENT Strawberry
Herbal toothpaste
GREENEX Green Gel Toothpaste
ANKWIN White Toothpaste
ORAL KARE Herbal Toothpaste
Option available for packaging
Aluminum collapsible tubes / Plastic Lami tubes
Normal conical cap / stand up cap / flip top cap
The above specified data is only for reference.
Final products may vary as per the specified requirements of the buyer.
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