Rebel facial kit for men skin

Rebel For Men’s Facial Kit

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Rebel For Men’s Facial Kit- Active Ingredients: Vitamin – E, Peppermint Oil, Activated Charcoal…


Rebel For Men’s Facial Kit-

“Face Cleanser:
Active Ingredients: Vitamin – E, Peppermint Oil, Activated Charcoal.
Vitamin E: Vitamin – E is the key to strong immunity and helps to keep your skin healthy. It acts as an excellent antioxidant for your skin.
Face Scrub:
Avocado Oil: Avocado oil, which is derived from the avocado fruit, comes with an assortment of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for the skin.
Orange Oil: Orange oil benefits the skin, digestive tract, immune system and so much more.
Massage Cream:
Wheat Germ Oil: Wheat germ oil helps to keep your skin soft and supple due to its ability to maintain peripheral blood circulation, making it ideal to provide your skin with anti-aging properties.

Multi Fruit BSC: With an INCI water & Vaccinium Myrtillus (bilberry) extract, that gently exfoliates your skin and exposes new shine. Multi Fruit BSC is a concentrated blend of five botanical extracts.

Face Gel:
Aloe Vera: The antibacterial properties of Aloe Vera gel helps your skin to get rid of problems like acne, pimples, dryness, blemishes, etc.
Niacinamide: Niacinamide is the powerhouse ingredient. It helps to firm your skin and reduce signs of aging.

Face Pack:
Saffron Powder: Nourishes your skin with the richness on the nutritional value of B – Vitamins. Turmeric Powder: Provides excellent antioxidant properties to your skin and puts a brake on aging.”

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